You wouldn’t guess Bitcoins can buy you these things!

Posted onMay 29, 2017 in Default

If you feel like a Johnny-come-lately in the crypto-currency world, you are probably wondering what you could spend your Bitcoin savings on. The answer may come as a surprise. Just take a look at the list of things purchasable for this e-currency!

A hotel room

Not only digital goods and services are bought with the Bitcoin currency. For example, the Howard Johnson chain, which has hotels around the world, accepts payments in the crypto-currency.

If you have another hotel chain on your mind and it does not accept BTC yet, there is a way to circumvent this. The website serves as an intermediary between you and air carriers or hotels. You only need to book a room on this website for Bitcoins, and they will pay for your hotel reservation using a standard currency. The room (or flight) will be registered for the name you provide while using the portal.

Flight ticket

Still looking for a way to get to the hotel you’ve booked a room at using the crypto-currency? There are several ways to use BTC to buy flight tickets, and we have already mentioned the first one. The second way implies using the services of, a Californian online booking website. It allows you to book a one-way or round-trip flight, or flights to several cities for Bitcoins.

A Bachelor’s diploma

Along with hotel chains, universities also begin to understand the value of Bitcoin and accept this form of payment for the tuition. The first to do this was the University of Nicosia in Cyprus. Several more higher educational institutions followed suit. Now Bitcoins are also accepted by the University of Cumbria in the United Kingdom, and the King’s College in New York.


Yes, you did not mishear. The website allows to order pizza and pay for it with the crypto-currency. Just place your order using the digital coins, and the site will give it over to the pizzeria. And that’s all, now you can just relax and wait for the pizza to be delivered. The website works with Pizza Hut, Domino’s and Papa John.

VPN services

If you are interested in a currency that leaves no traces, then you may also be interested in accessing the Internet through a virtual private network (VPN). It allows you to open web-pages anonymously; in addition, this network encrypts your data to protect information in public networks. Moreover, the VPN is able to change the place your traffic is sent from to a completely different geographical location. Thus, you can access sites unavailable in your country. Not all VPN providers accept Bitcoin payments, but Private Internet Access and NordVPN have this option.


Many jewelry stores have begun to accept payments in the Bitcoin currency. This means you can buy engagement rings, watches and even wholesale lots of diamonds to diversify your assets. Reeds Jewelers is just one of the diamond-selling chains that already accepts BTC. You can make purchases online or in one of its 65 physical stores. Just choose the option “Pay with Bitcoin” or talk to the sales manager at the store.


Dell, a computer-manufacturing company, now accepts Bitcoin payments through a partnership with Coinbase. Add the desired personal computer, tablet or any other Dell device to the cart, and select the Bitcoin option during the checking-out process. To complete the transaction, you will be redirected to your Coinbase account, where you only need to sign in and send a direct payment. Then the system will take you back to the Dell site to confirm the order.

Windows applications

Once you have purchased a Dell computer or laptop, consider buying some Windows applications from Bitcoins. This feature is available to users from the United States. Microsoft allows you to acquire games, videos and applications for computers and Windows-based smartphones, as well as for Xbox.

Gift certificates

If you want to spend BTC in an online or physical store that does not accept such a form of payment, there is a way to bypass this. Go to This service allows you to buy gift certificates from more than 200 businesses and manage the balance from any device. It offers a lot of things: from a coffee at Starbucks to flight tickets with Delta Air Lines.

As you can see, there are many opportunities to spend you Bitcoin currency. Nowadays, more and more retailers and companies accept crypto-currency payments. And even if they don’t, there are simple ways to convert BTC into cash to buy whatever you want.